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Dates of Importance for Imperial and Its Trademarks

PLEASE NOTE: When filing for registration of a mark, it's required to state on the application when the mark was first put into use. When one desires to suggest a time frame for usage, it's this initial date one should go by, NOT the date when the application was filed or the date registration approval was granted. These latter dates, which have been included below, are to confirm that Imperial did, in fact, secure registration.

1901 - On November 7, 1901 affidavits were filed with the Secretary of State of West Virginia for incorporation of the Imperial Glass Company. On Nov. 14, 1901 incorporation was approved. On December 19, 1901 corporation papers were filed in Ohio County Court House. (Book #5, Folio 132)


1904 - Actual production commenced with Furnace #1 being fired up for production on January 27, 1904. Furnace #2 was fired up for production March 24, 1904.


Unknown Date - No record of application or granting approval has been found at the U.S. Unknown Patent Office for the NUART mark, so it's unknown if Imperial applied for actual mark registration. This graphic design appears in advertising and catalogs. Items are marked only with simple NUART lettering. The NUART letters appear on iridized light shades and also on items from Imperial's early Iridescent Art Glass line.


1911- On the registration application for the NUCUT mark, Imperial claimed to have been using this mark as early as 1911. The application was filed March 17, 1913 and approval was granted on September 15, 1914. (#99,747) Only the basic NUCUT design with 'tail' appears marked on glass. The word 'trade mark' on the 'tail' appears in advertising and catalogs. The NUCUT mark was removed from all moulds c.1932.


1913 - On the registration applications, the Company stated these two marks had been in use since August 5, 1913. From all accounts, the marks appear to have been used in combination. Registration Approvals were granted on June 2, 1914.
1] 2 lines intersecting at 90 degree angles with arrowhead points at each end (#97,422).


2] word IM PE RI AL broken into 4 parts (#97,423).

1914 - When registering for the 'Double I' ( 'Iron Cross' ) mark, the Company stated it had been in use since January 12, 1914. Application was filed on February 18, 1914, and approval was granted by the US Patent Office September 15, 1914. (#99,748)


Exact Date Unknown - Application was filed on May 19, 1920 for the 'Iron Cross' and Unknown 'IM PE RI AL' used in combination. Approval was granted on August 16, 1921. This mark was in use sometime prior to the date of filing the application. The Company ceased using this mark in the late 1920's. NOTE: Although unconfirmed as a possible initial date of usage, Imperial may have combined the registered 'Double I' with a variation of the IMPERIAL letters used in 1913 and registered in 1914 (see prior entries). If so, this new mark may have replaced the earlier version and been put into use as early as sometime in 1914.


1923 - The FREE HAND mark was first used on December 4, 1923. Although the labels used included 'Made in USA' around bottom of the circle and the 'Iron Cross' mark appearing in the center, Imperial only registered the basic 'FREE HAND' mark design on February 19, 1924. NOTE: The 'ruffled' outer edge was done in a free hand style and not meant to be consistant.

1931 - Facing bankruptcy, the Imperial Glass Company sought to re-organized. Instead, the property and assets were ordered to be sold at auction on July 21, 1931. It was J. Ralph Boyd (Secretary-Treasurer of the Imperial Glass Company) who was the sole bidder. The 'new' company officially became the Imperial Glass Corporation on August 6, 1931.


1940- Registration approval was granted on December 3, 1942 for the basic design of the 'Imperial' with the champagne glass trademark (#392,737). Carl W. Gustkey is generally credited with coming up with the design. He became Imperial's 6th president in January, 1940 and the now familiar logo was put into use sometime during that year. Over time, the basic logo often included the words " Hand Made', Hand Crafted', or 'Hand Finished'.


1951- Application records show Imperial stated it had initially used this mark on Milk Glass items produced after February 1, 1951. It was registered with the US Patent Office March 17, 1953. It's referred to as 'I super- imposed over the G' or simply 'IG'.


1977- On December 26, 1972, stockholders voted to sell the Company to the Lenox Corporation. Official new ownership commenced January 1, 1973. The Company first began using this mark in June 1977. Registration application was made July 11, 1978. The 'LIG' was in use until June 26, 1981. (see next entry)


1981- Transfer of Ownership from Lenox to Arthur Lorch was June 1, 1981. The last date the 'LIG' could be used was June 26, 1981, according to the sales agreement. Items produced that day were marked with the 'LIG', dated 6-26-81 and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Lucile Kennedy. Two items produced that day were the 'Minuet Girl' (former Heisey mould) and the 'Dresden Doll' (former Cambridge mould). The 'ALIG' mark was in use until September 1983.


1982- At some point in late 1982, following Lenox's foreclosure on Arthur Lorch, Robert Stahl took over running the company.
1983- After September 1983, in the hopes of revitalizing the company, the 'NI' mark was created, to stand for 'New Imperial'. Very few moulds ever received this new mark.

1984- Official date of final production was June 15, 1984. This date (6-15-84) appears marked on the #147 4 1/2" Swan Whimsey Mint (made in crystal) which was the LAST item produced.

1984- On November 21, 1984 the company was sold to Consolidated International and Lancaster Colony in a joint venture for liquidation.

1985- Factory Building was purchased by Mrs. Anna Maroon in March 1985.

1995- The Imperial Factory building was razed in June/July 1995.


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